Sunday, May 13, 2012

This MD is both a BD for an MD and a BD for Us

We live in an age of acronyms and abbreviations so much so that I feel at times we are conversing by using nothing but a kettle of alphabet soup.  In fact, I recently was researching a topic on line, and the article frequently used acronyms that were unfamiliar to me which, in fact, further compounded my problem.  However, once you get some frame of reference for those letters, it all begins to make sense, so with that, I suppose it's time to unveil the mystery behind this collection of "characters".

As most people are aware, today is the day any woman with a child loves, and of course, that would be Mother's Day (MD).  When I was younger, I remember making some home made gifts for my mother, one of which included giving my 2 younger brothers back to her along with one of those treasures!  In typical fashion, my mother reacted by saying how beautiful and thoughtful it all was.

Although today is recognized as MD, this day also marks another special day as well; May 13th is remembered in my family for my father's birthday (BD).  This year he will celebrate his 92nd BD, and for him, he would say, it's no big deal (NBD); however, for his family and friends, we all feel quite blessed by his presence all these years.  His years of influence and teaching, both personal and professional, could only be characterized as priceless.  As a physician (MD), he quite literally saved lives, and how does one assign a value to that?

As for my siblings and me, we have been the beneficiaries of the life created by 2 people who have become blended as one.  Without that first BD for the MD, my mother likely would not be celebrating today as MD, and that would have been a BD (big deal) for us, as we would be DNE (do not exist). Today we celebrate both Mother's Day and my father's birthday, and what a fitting coincidence that they share this day, just as they have shared their lives together for all these years.  Happy Mother's Day Madre and Happy Birthday Padre!