Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Mother's Day Gift

Since it is Mother's Day, I thought I'd recall a memory from this day of maternal celebration many years ago.  What does a young child give to his mother when you are just a young shaver, perhaps maybe 5?  Let me tell you what we came up with on our limited budget.

When you are 5 and growing up in this family, the first thing you'd do is rummage through some of the old stuff in the basement or the garage. Then you'd repurpose it into that perfect, but more importantly, personal gift made from the heart for mom.  This case was no exception either.  So, with the clock ticking on the day, there was no time to waste.  With my younger brothers in toe, we took a quick survey of the available raw materials and put our creative minds into action.  There were plenty of odd sized boards, some nails, a hammer, and some old slotted screws needing a purpose.  So, what were we going to make for mom?  When my brother arrived at the construction zone with my youngest brother in our red, radio flyer wagon, it became immediately obvious just what mom would love.  We quickly assembled an airplane by nailing pieces of wood together and letting our imagination do the rest. However, to make the gift complete, we placed the airplane in the wagon and told my youngest brother to climb aboard which he did quite willingly.  I might add, it accurately predicted the future for my brother, as he later became a pilot.  What could be a better gift to a mother than a homemade airplane, complete with its own, life sized pilot, one of her sons?

So, on this Mother's Day, I am reminded of the gift that we gave to my mother many years ago, one that she no doubt "cherished".  In reality, she gave infinitely more to us than we ever did to her. Happy Mother's Day mom, we miss you, but you are always with us!